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How Can On-Demand Interviews Help Grow My Business?

With the changing global employment landscape, more and more companies are employing new modes of digital technology to streamline and improve the recruitment process. An on-demand or one-way interview is one such digital tool that has revolutionized the way recruiters and companies interview to hire new employees. This interactive experience obviates the need for in-person interviews and saves a significant amount of money and valuable resources that can be utilized by the company elsewhere. There are several important ways that on demand interviews can effectively grow your business.

Faster Placement

On demand video interviews decrease the time of placement by up to 50 percent or more. By eliminating the need of traveling to the site, your company can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent screening individuals tediously. By bringing a dramatic decrease in the time to offer, utilizing this method frees up your financial and human resources and allow you to improve other areas of the employment process.

Friendly Interview Process

On-demand interviews can be accessed on PCs and smartphones, allowing prospective candidates to comfortably record their interviews and submit as they see fit. This convenience is hardly offered by any other medium and goes a long way in establishing trust and friendliness between your company and all potential applicants. It also means that more people are likely to apply for your company due to the unmatched convenience and friendly interview process.

No Time Constraints

These applications have no time constraints. Both candidates, as well as employers, can work freely irrespective of the interview window. Candidates can simply record whenever they are free. Similarly, employers can review the video applications whenever and wherever they want. By removing the constraints of time, you can start receiving interviews as soon as your applications open. Most companies that employ these methods to hire new workers report that they receive most interviews in less than one day of receiving the invite.

Better Interviews

While digital mediums could be tough to get used to, especially for old recruiters, infield data from various companies that use these applications suggests that these interviews have a staggering 90% approval rating by hiring managers, which means that these are well-liked and well-received by candidates and hiring managers alike. Similarly, using this process allows candidates to record more than one take of their interview questions, offering them an opportunity to put their best foot forward when it comes to interviews.

Higher Efficiency

By using this method for the recruitment process, employers can decrease the time spent on each interview by up to 80 percent or more. It also helps that the software used to conduct such interviews is extremely fast and efficient, providing a centralized hub where a candidate’s progress, application, evaluation, documents, and other data can be viewed conveniently.


By significantly streamlining the process of recruitment, one-way video interviews save you valuable time and resources that can be used to further grow your business. These interviews also utilize significantly less money and have a high return on investment, attracting more candidates for a particular employment position, helping your company thrive.

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