What is Special about Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes help for greater creativity with packing. Every aspect from size to color can be customized to make a unique personal brand identity, thus saving on shipping costs and/or creating an even more personalized experience. It s also important to understand the various kinds of custom packing boxes available today. While there are some standard varieties, the range of options widens significantly. In addition, the quality of these products has become more refined, resulting in better packing options.

The standard cardboard custom boxes range from two-ply (peanuts) to five-ply. Two-ply boxes are the cheapest, while five-ply are among the most expensive. A standard cardboard box can have an entire range of artwork, often including your company logo. Cardboard boxes without any artwork have the same basic function. The primary difference is in the style and the material.

Many of the higher-end custom boxes now include special features such as a cellophane cover or foil printing, both of which can add to the perceived value of the product and help with branding. These features can either be purchased separately or included as part of the standard box design. Some manufacturers will add extra charges for extra graphics or artwork.

High-quality custom boxes use polystyrene as the main material. This material is highly flexible and easy to work with, allowing for an unlimited amount of customization and printing options. It also offers a higher density than standard packaging, reducing the weight and thickness of individual slices of packaging material. The result is a lighter product that requires less packaging to effectively contain it.

Unique custom boxes can also be used as branding tools. Boxes with your company logo on them can be given out to customers as holiday gifts to promote new products, or as thank you gifts for repeat business. Your artwork can also be integrated into the box’s design, giving the product a rich visual identity. You can even imprint your company slogan directly onto the box, creating another way to promote your product or service. These unique marketing tools are extremely effective and are an inexpensive way to increase customer awareness and brand loyalty.

While custom boxes do offer many advantages, they do have some disadvantages. First, they usually cost more than standard-sized boxes; next, the product itself may not fit the intended purpose; and finally, because it is made of a heavy material, they can sometimes fail to protect the contents from environmental factors. For these reasons, it is important to keep in mind the overall impact that your branding strategy will have on the product’s functionality and the quality of the customer experience. A high-quality box with thick insulation is a great way to achieve this, while a cheap, thin cardboard option may not. If you are concerned about your company’s reputation, though, it may be worth investing in a professionally made box that incorporates a full-color printing inside – a process called screen printing, which has long been used for everything from signs and logos to musical instruments.

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